OIPE 2018 will be held at "UMIT - The Health & Life Sciences University" in Hall in Tirol, Austria.

UMIT - Private Universität für Gesundheitswissenschaften, Medizinische Informatik und Technik GmbH
Eduard-Wallnöfer-Zentrum 1
A-6060 Hall in Tirol


Location of the conference

The building of the UMIT is embedded in the six-hectare campus area of the Eduard Wallnöfer-Zentrum, the center of medical innovation in Hall in Tirol. The area is peripheral to the medieval old town of Hall in Tirol, approximately 10km from the provincial capital Innsbruck. Spacious parks and green areas, modern teaching facilities, area-wide internet access through wireless LAN, a café/restaurant and various sports facilities provide a pleasant and performance-promoting atmosphere.


Our profile

"All aspects of the health care system, health economy and technology"

As a modern health university, UMIT in Hall in Tirol in Austria has specialized in new vocational fields and research areas and thus in the prevailing challenges in the health care system.

With its focus areas of mechatronics, biomedical informatics / health informatics / technology, business management in the health system, psychology, public health, health sciences, health technology assessment, nutritional sciences and nursing science, complemented by the university training courses in the areas of physiotherapy, health prevention as well as crisis and disaster management, UMIT offers academic education and advanced training of high quality in the fields that have turned out to be of increasing importance in the modern health care system.

Within the framework of national and international research projects, UMIT succeeded in gaining an outstanding reputation as an academic research institution despite its young age. The university is fully owned by the Tirolean provincial government. Working in close cooperation with the Medical University of Innsbruck and the public university of Innsbruck (Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck), UMIT offers research and teaching at the highest level. Internationally acknowledged professors, visiting professors and lecturers, a state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as high-quality study programmes allow for UMIT in Hall in Tirol to be a small but thriving university serving as a model for others.

The three UMIT study locations of Hall in Tirol, Vienna and Linz offer 20 high-quality baccalaureate, master's and doctoral programmes as well as three university training courses. The number of students has constantly increased to 1,500 over the last years. In total, 170 employees are currently working in research, teaching and administration at UMIT. In September 2011, UMIT was reaccredited by the Austrian Accreditation Council until 2016.


Our vision:

"The university of today for the knowledge of tomorrow"

UMIT is dedicated to scientific research and teaching and hereby wants to contribute to the development of society, the scientific and technological competence and the provision of healthcare in the broadest sense. UMIT aims at the individual's education through science by joint action of lecturers and students and by international networking. UMIT strives for high quality in research and teaching and regards high academic principles as obligatory. UMIT supports the establishment and development of long-term cooperation with national and international universities, academies and research institutions. UMIT is constantly optimizing its on-going activities: highest quality in research and teaching is our highest ambition.


Our philosophy:

"Excellent expertise, practice-oriented research and teaching, knowledge transfer"

With strong disciplines, excellent expertise as well as a high level of quality and transparency, UMIT creates an optimum basis for practice-oriented research and teaching at the highest level. The successful knowledge transfer gives committed students the opportunity to identify and constantly develop their potentials.

In accordance with its mission, UMIT takes over societal responsibility with a high degree of social awareness: UMIT focuses on industries (economy), society and regional culture.


What we stand for:

"Science for the benefit of society"

The institutes of UMIT base themselves on the freedom of research and teaching as well as on scientific principles. In this regard, UMIT commits itself to the guiding principles of quality.

UMIT conducts research and teaching at the highest quality level in all its subject areas. 

UMIT promotes the transfer and implementation of research and development results for the benefit of society.

UMIT fosters the personality development of its students. We make a significant contribution to the further development of our students and our associates from industry, economy and society through research, teaching and knowledge transfer activities.

UMIT considerably contributes to the regional development of Tirol and attaches importance to the internationalisation of research and teaching.

UMIT sets value on equal opportunities for women and men: social equality of opportunities and promotion of motivated and talented students and employees. We work together for the benefit of our university.  We grow and develop together. UMIT is aware of its societal development and preserves it.